Friday, January 26, 2007

Fabric 1" squares

click on the pict to get a larger view
These are the 1" squares for a swap that I am in. I like doing these while watching TV. Yes, there are a lot of extras.
Dot, I will be sending some to you as well.
These squares were cut from my creativity exercise.


Elizabeth said...

i love your charms and the stitching. I especially love the ones with the hearts. You are amazing!!

Elizabeth said...

Your charms are terrific. I especially like the stitching and the charms with the hearts!!! you are awesome!!

sammy said...

Charms are awesome... dot got me into making charms and I have made my first one... what fun bits of art they are to do... Yours just makes me want to cut out more! I also love your resin stuff... thanks for posting all of your pics and for sharing how you do them...


Jo Wholohan said...

just love the charms!!! cant wait to start these :))