Thursday, January 25, 2007

Little resin filled jars

Click on the pict for a larger view. I took some small bottles and just put stuff in it. I also put in some words from my stash. I then filled it with resin and stood it upright to harden. I did wave a flame by the sides to get rid of the bubbles.

If you look at the bottom right bottle, you can tell that I cooked the resin. For me, that was a happy accident.

Moral of this story? Don't get over enthusiastic and overheat to get rid of bubbles.

Two more resin entries follow this one. Next one is picts of my resin charms and the one after that is the explanation.


~*Charms 2007*~ said...

I would LOVE to trade for one of these!!!


Amber Dawn

AJ said...

I too would love to trade something for one of these. GREAT work. I enjoy your blog. AJ

Tracy said...

These charms totally rock!!!!
If you are in the charm trading mood, let me know!