Thursday, January 25, 2007

resin charms and jar

Click on the picts for a larger view. Not the best picts. I did them on my printer/scanner. I was pretty happy with how they turned out. The question is what I am going to do with them now. I really don't wear that much jewelry. Will probably sell them. The two upper right shrines were from a kit that was at Valley Ridge. I put it together and painted the little shrine. The cross came with it. I was pretty happy with how that turned out. It was just a little wood box that I glued together. I used all sorts of colors on it to get it to look that worn and distressed. LOL! The cabochons (gold pieces with little round circles going all around it) came from
I also placed a bunch of little things in the bottom of my jar and put resin in that. I am going to make that my button jar. Just wanted to try and see how it worked.


Heather said...

These are really really cool! I am signed up to take Susan Kazmer's Resins class at ArtFest. Can't wait to make some neat stuff like yours. The button jar idea is great!

Mumbly Joe said...

These are so cool. I love the wild imagination I taught 6th grade for 27 years. Retired now. Blessings..Joe