Thursday, January 18, 2007

Metal tape technique from Bernie's book

Yes, I think I am almost done doing techniques out of that book. My interest is waning now. I am onto other things. ATCs are not really my thing anymore.
I took some metal repair tape that I got at Walmart, hardware store, something like that. I cut up some nice pieces. I put the tape on top of an old towel because alcohol inks run and stain on metallic surfaces. I put some alcohol inks on the metal tape. I used a Qtip to spread the alcohol inks around. I let that dry a little. I then dropped in another color. I did that a few times until I got color combos I liked. I let it sit there overnight to fully dry.
Word of caution: The alcohol inks do come off it you rub or touch it too hard. I like that look, so it was not a problem. Use a fixative or spray sealer if you absolutelty love the color and don't want any of it to come off.
The top pict is just the colored pieces of tape. I put the tape on cards in the bottom picture. The bottom card is a solid piece of tape. The one on the very right is also one piece of tape but really crumpled before putting it on the card. I swiped a cinnamon Brilliance pad over it and heat set it to give it a shimmer. The middle top card is just pieces of tape and then some dry embossing. I did not use the brilliance pad on it. The left is using crumpled pieces of metal tape but put on vertically. The pieces were not put on randomly. The one on top left was also crumpled first, too. I did swipe a brilliance pad over that. You can tell that there is a definite color difference.
Done now. Going to sleep so I can get up early and finish inputting my grades. Comments welcome.

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Jan said...

Thank you for sharing your creations from Bernie's book. I just received it and am reading through it now. I've not done ATCs before and am going to try some of the techniques. I also love your creativity exercise! Enjoying reading your blog.