Wednesday, January 17, 2007

1" abstract and fabric squares

I have found that I really like doing the 1" squares - especially the fabric ones. My cheapie sewing machine died while doing the borders. I sooo totally trashed it. On the upside, I am taking it apart now for the metal parts. New assemblage coming soon. Whoooo! Hoooo! Hot glue, Liquid Nails, and Dremel time for me.
The top two rows are abstract ones that I have laying around. Some went towards the green swap. The multi-colored ones are from scraps from wax paper backgrounds. The red ones are extras from the red color swap.
The bottom two rows - row and a half are the beginning results of fabric/paper towel squares. I took some scraps from my creative exercise and cut them into 1" squares using a 1" piece of matboard as the template. I sewed a border on the edges to prevent too much fraying. Some of the stitches stayed and some did not. Beauty of not caring - does not matter to me. I like the look - eclectic to me. I have a ton of little charms and decided to sew on a few of those. I cut out some red felt hearts. Really need sharp tipped scissors for that. I also like teeny buttons, so I put some of the squares. More fun that I thought. It is a great thing to do while watching TV. Will keep doing those until my arthritis protests.


Anonymous said...

These are FABULOUS, Belinda!!

Dotee said...

Belinda - these are great! You are a natural at this size.

And I love your fabric ones. Look forward to seeing the ones you send me.

Charms work really well on this size don't they??