Saturday, January 13, 2007

Results of Creativity Exercise

I cut out a piece and turned it into a postcard. I finished sewing the edges on the sewing machine and also did some stitching in a heart shape. I really like how the whole thing turned out.
I made use of some of the paper towels I made from Bernie book and from Traci Bautista's book. I also used up a scrap piece of fabric. At first, it looked like the color combo wasn't going to work. Actually, didn't care. It turned out looking great. The quilt was so big that I scanned it in several different places so you would get an idea of what it looked like.
I really like the dabber circles. My kids were painting with the dabbers a couple of nights ago. I just pulled my quilt up to the tarp and started to dab while they painted. The gold squiggles you see are from a gold reinker. I needed to heat set it a couple of times so it would not smear.

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