Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My latest ATP

I am so groovin on these ATPs. This is one that I made tonight. I had to stay up and nurse a pot of homemade chicken soup. It is always in demand when it is cold out or when the kids are sick. It is both this time.

I got my stash of Art Girlz charms today. http://artgirlz.com/default2.aspx I discovered them at CHA a couple of years ago. Some of my art friends took workshops with them. They came out with the most fun stuff. Since then, I have been wanting to make some pins but have not gotten around to it. The ATP swap was the perfect excuse for making some.

I took at piece of fabric and backed it with red felt. I took my Provo Craft sewing machine and did the edges and some random rows. I used a needle and thread for everything else. The little star in the middle of the heart is actually a small brad.

So, if you play in the ATP swap in Art Techniques, then you might end up getting one of these little creations. You can't get back FAB stuff if you don't play!!!

Comments welcome. Thanks for looking! This was great fun for me.


Elizabeth said...

This pin is sooooo cute! I love him/her/it!!!!
Terrific as always!!!!!!

primdollie said...

oh now I just love this littel fella!!! way too cool! would join the swap but way too much going on already!! but thanks for the show and tell!! Hugs Linda

lilacsusan said...

Belinda, this is just fabulous. Thanks for sharing with us.

Katherine said...

Oh girl...THAT is a FABULOUS piece!! What an adorable creation...now you have me seriously considering the ATP swap. (Which I wasn't...until now!)

Holly said...

Oh how lovely! What a wonderful little piece of adorableness!

Anonymous said...

This little guy is so grovy and cute to boot. Just feel in love with him.
You sure are on a roll girlfriend!
Have a great day,

Angie Haviland said...


Gypsy Purple said...

this is lovely....love it