Saturday, February 03, 2007

More cab card picts

Top pict here, I added the hat and arrow. The top looked a little bare to me. In the second pict, I added the paint border with some brown, blue, and hooker's green. I then used a wipe to take off the excess and make it look more distressed. Notice how I got some on the edges of the stencils and on the bottom of the bride and groom. It helps it blend together better.

Pict 3 down: I did not like the background as is. I used some transparent red oxide fluid acrylics and my finger to apply a thin layer. This is where you have to be sure your papers were thoroughly glued or it would ripple a little. I do that all the time. I thought the background now contrasted with the couple more. I used gel pens in silver and blue to outline some things. I used a red sharpie on their lips.

To me cab cards are supposed to be fun and outrageous - the opposite of the stiff and staid look they originally had. So, I added some white Sharpie poster marker dots on their face and some paint and foam stamps. I always like to include text, "I will" seemed appropriate. I tried to balance the colors and the values of light and dark. I think that the images contrast nicely with the background. Just my opinion. My composition mind at work.

Comments welcome. Have fun with your cab cards!


Janet said...

Thank you for the great photo tutorial. I'm really new at all this altering/collage stuff and this helped me quite a lot. I love the end result.

Janet said...

Thank you for the great tutorial. I'm very new to altering/collage and this was very helpful to me. I love the end result.