Saturday, February 03, 2007

Altered Cab Cards

Cab cards have made a resurgence in my Art Techniques group. I did this to show someone how I altered one.

I never use the original cab card. I scan it into my hard drive and I print off copies of what I want to use. I usually do the background and then use the focal image from the cab card on top of the background.

I used a piece of mat board postcard sized. I used mushroom, pebble, and espresso paint going in an up and down motion. I then used a baby wipe and wiped until I got the look that I wanted.

I took two backgrounds that I liked - the tree and old text. I tore them unevenly and edged them with a brown stamp pad. I glued that down. I then added the two stencils and focal image. I placed the images that way so that the eye would have something to follow. Go from upper left down to the lower right corner. The couple looked kinda blah! to me so I colored them in with colored pencils.

Rest of it is in the message after this one.

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