Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Phone Book Paper Technique from Bernie's Book

This is the phone book paper technique in Bernie's book on page 34. Sorry, but my blogger does not always load the picts in order. The one with the 6 ATC backs is the first step. I glued the back of the cards and put on the phone pages. I cut the excess off. Make sure that the entire surface is glued down or you will get little wrinkles and crinkles. I like that, so I was okay with it.

I then edged the card with some Quin/azo nickel gold fluid acrylics. Let dry a little. I took some Quin gold and transparent yellow oxide fluid acrylic, watered it down slightly and then filled in the middle. I used a wipe to take off the excess - being careful not to take the darker edges off. Go easy here or you will smear off the print.

I tried some interference green oxide at first but it did not show up much. I then decided on Hooker's green. I painted that on - avoiding the edges. Used a baby wipe to take off the excess. Let dry.

It looked okay to me but I like more texture. I took a piece of masking tape and started taking some small pieces of phone book paper off. I will have to see how that looks after the ATC is finished. I also used some punchinella and Magenta fluid acrylic for a little texture.

You can't see the gold foil really well in the picts. You might want to click on the last pict to see if it shows up better. It does look good in real life. I put on a coat of gel medium and let dry. The gold foil needs something to hold onto. You can use a small, hot craft iron here or a hot foil pen. I have had one forever but have not used it. I got a battery powered one from Staedtler. It works okay. You have to keep the button pressed down when using. Not something I would use for calligraphy but it works well with stencils, scribbling, and general writing.

Another technique down. Comments appreciated. Remember to leave me your email if you want a response or you show up as anonymous.

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Esmeralda said...

Hi Belinda,
REally like how this came out, it is simple but makes a for a great background effect! THank you for taking time out to share this information about the techniques, since I don't have the book. Thanks so much!