Saturday, January 06, 2007

String technique from Bernie's book

Blogger is so strange in the way it loads picts. The order of the picts are 3,1,2, 4. The last two picts are after my message.
I have been doing this for awhile now with postcard art. I just have not tried it with string. Basically, you put string on the ATC background, white gesso, let dry, add collage images, paint with transparent acrylics, embellish (if desired).

I started out using a printed paper background. I could have easily used text. The background may or may not show through. I just like to have something in the background. I took twine and fibers and wrapped them around the ATCS in different directions. I knotted all of them in front.

I then took some white gesso and went over the entire front of the card. I used a baby wipe to wipe up the excess. I also wiped off the background area a little so the background would show through. I did both sides because that is the way I am. I did not like that the front was gessoed and the back was not - color of the fibers were too brilliant. I let dry completely.

I found some collage images from misc. collage sheets. I glued in some basic figures. I used some transparent red oxide, transparent yellow oxide, nickel azo gold, interference green oxide, green, some blue, and quin magenta. They were all fluid acrylics. They are pretty transparent. I just used a light touch and a small paint brush. Okay, I used my finger more than the paintbrush. I made sure I added some color to the string. It just made it look more aged.

Once the acrylics were dried, I used a white Sharpie fine point poster pen and did some writing and doodling. I also had a silver and blue glitter pen. I like the Frida and little girl one th most.

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Anonymous said...

Your cards turned out great! I am going through techniques from Bernie's book too and blogging about them. One hint that may help you - you can copy and paste photos while editing your post and change the way blogger presents them. At least, that's what works for me :-)

Jill said...

These atcs are glorious, great technique, thanks for sharing..lovely, lovely work.

Gypsy Purple said...

I love this and would like to feature you on my blog:
Please say yes!!!

Altered Belly said...

Yes, Gypsy Purple, you can.

Sylvia said...

Oh wow! I really love these ATC!!!
What a great technique - thanks so much for sharing :)

The 'I will wait for you forever' is my absolute favorite! I really love it! Thanks again for sharing your talent, your beautiful art *a*n*d* the directions with us!!!