Friday, January 05, 2007

My charm bracelet/watch

This is my newest assemblage piece. I have been so groovin' on chunky charm bracelets lately. I just like the way they sound when I walk down the hall at school. I have a very small wrist. I think I like looking at all the charms on my wrist. I just get distracted very easily.

I got the Fossil watch on eBay. It came on a charm bracelet chain with just a few charms on it. I took most of them off. They were not my style.

If you click on the pict, then you can see the charms in more detail. I assembled some of them with wire, beads, and small charms. I also used my Dremel and drilled holes into some buttons. I used the Dremel and cut some yardstick pieces. I then used the sanding attachment so there would be no sharp edges. I used the drill attachment to make the jump ring hold.

There are a series of vintage metal buttons on the bracelet. They had the button hole in the back instead of through the button hole itself. I took a pair of wire cutters and snipped off the button hole part. I then took the sanding attachment on my Dremel and took the rest of it off until it was level with the button itself. There is a slight discoloration where I took some of the surface off. I prefer that to a piece sticking out that could get caught on a piece of clothing.

The square with the 4 little circles in it came from the cover of a book. It was on clearance at the bookstore. I saw it and thought it would make a great charm. So, I cut off all the pieces that covered the books to use as charms. One day, I will alter the cover of the book when I decide to use the book for something. It is a blank book and it will be the foundation for a great piece of art - one day.

I got the little mah jong tiles from The moon charm came from a lot of brass findings that I had.

Found objects make great charms. Just imagine the possibilities the next time you come across a piece of scrap. I have found out that it is not practical for me to keep every found object that comes my way. I loook at something. If it speaks to me at that time, then I keep it. If it does not, then I keep on going. I do have a tendency to keep most small metal pieces that come my way. I also take apart any old typewriter, telephone, and anything electronic. You can use the old computer boards as charms. You just need to turn them into smaller pieces and then drill a hole through it. Dremel has a new saw attachment.

Yes, I am a gleaner. Good thing this is a blog so I can ramble on all I like!!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome construction!
I love the puffy hearts, the whistle, an everything else looks fun too!
I have so many unfinished charm bracelets.
Your's inspires me to get cracking!!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome construction!
I love the puffy heart clusters, the whistle, and everything else looks fun too!
I bet it is fun to wear!


Dawn Sellers said...

Very cool Belinda - I love found objects! Art charms are so very cool, the possibilities are endless.

Anne said...

Belinda: I love your charm bracelet! I'm like you, I love the sound and feel of a clunky chunky bracelet. (which is why I joined the charm swaps!) I really don't wear much jewelry (read: None at all), not even a watch! But, these charm swaps have really inspired me to wear something on my wrist... I might have to put together a watch charm for my charm bracelets!

Anonymous said...

So so beatiful! I love it all!

Jan Myers said...

I'm lovin your braclet as well, another great idea to use with a watch band, and the use of brass makes it look richer and warm. Jan Myers