Monday, February 12, 2007

ColorMists and Paper Towels

Click on the link for a bigger pict. You cannot see the shimmer from the metallics but it is there.

What I did was fold and twist white, plain VIVA towels. Those are the best ones I have found so far. They are the closest to fabric. They do not fall apart when sewn.

I folded, twisted, and sprayed different Colormist colors onto different spots on the paper towel. I was too lazy to pour the ColorMists into small cups. When I spritzed, the colors did not go through all the layers. I just separated it a little bit or pressed down to have the towel absorb more. I also took it the bunched up colored towel and squished it inside a clean one. That also dispersed a lot of paint. When I was done. I took one of the metallic colors and lightly misted over the whole thing. That made it really shimmer. Traci Bautista in her book says to add glitter (or you can do pearl ex). I like this better because the shine is more consistent. I did a review and there is a link to ColorMists a couple of messages down. Comments welcome.

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