Monday, February 12, 2007

ColorMist Experiments

Okay, the top one which kinda looks like a pastel cloud was gesso and ColorMists. I plopped some gesso on watercolor paper. I used a scraper to spread it to give it some texture. Let dry. I then sprayed various ColorMists. I love how the gesso acted as a resiste.

The next one is the bright colored one with gold sprayed on top. All I did was spray the ColorMists color all over to see what each color looked like. I then sprayed the metallics over it.

The next pastel looking one with gold, blue, purple, and silver is one that I did with a heat resist sheet. I sprayed each color on the heat resist vertically. I then pressed the watercolor paper down on it, let it sit for a minute or two, and lifted up. I let dry complete.

The last pict is with the wax paper technique with acrylics. You can find it on my website under More Techniques. I then took some Colormists and filled in the white areas. I then sprayed some metallic ColorMist colors over it to give it a very cool sheen.

Love the ColorMists. It was very fun playing with them. Less staining on my hands than with Adirondack Color Wash. Color Wash is more earth tones. ColorMists have a wider color palette and the metallics are the best. Don't forget your deli paper and pipettes when you get ColorMists. There are tutorials on the website on how to use ColorMists. I don't have shaving cream or I would do the marbling thing.

BTW, I am not affiliated with I just get fun stuff there - like everyone else. There is a more thorough review of Color Mists a few messages down. Comments welcome.


Aileen (Pronounced A-Leen) said...

Belinda, looks like you had a fun creating with the Color Mists, you have some really vivid examples, thanks for posting them!

Anne said...

I love the first ! It's a wonderfull effect !! thanks for all the photos !