Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Man Stencils

I have not been excited about something in a very, very, very long time. I guess that I am jaded - been around awhile. When I got this in the mail, I was absolutely ecstatic! I have been trying to get hold of these stencils for awhile now, ever since taking a Mary Jo McGraw workshop where she had some of these stencils. I have been trying to find a source for these and Coffee Break Designs is the only place where I can these particular bald men! Just think of the possibilities!!! These stencils are great for ATCs, mail art, inchies, collage, and anything you can use with a stencil. They also carry other stencils. I am waiting for a list of other ones that they carry.

In the meantime, if you want a sheet of the man stencil, you can mail $6.00 US plus $2.00 for S&H to Coffee Break Design, Box 34281, Indianapolis, IN 46234. Check, money order, or well hidden cash. International people can contact me privately and we can work out something so I can order a quantity and send you a sheet. Maybe Coffee Break Design sells wholesale to someone internationally. Website is

I just made up these samples in less than an hour. Sam was doing foam stamping with acrylic paint dabbers. I made these in the time it took her to do her art. They are fab!!! Y'all know that I don't endorse something unless I really like it and use it. Okay, I was wrong about acrylic paint dabbers, but we are all entitled to make mistakes. How was I supposed to know that most of them would dry out and the dabbers would not work? I refuse to buy new dabbers because that was their main selling point. That is another blog entry though.

I used a thin film of Microglaze on the stencils first to give them a little coating/resist against all the stuff that I will use on it. Makes it a little easier for me to clean them up especially with paint. I still have to try embossing. Did not get there yet. Did not want to emboss with my daughter right there to breathe in anything. I used a clean dabber and stamp pad to create the man images. A cosmetic sponge would work just as well. The white outline was done with a thin line, white colored Sharpie poster paint pen.

On the orange background postcard, I used a wipe to wipe right outside the man images to highlight them a little by taking away some paint and making the area right around them a little lighter. In the process, I took away a little bit of the man images in some corners. No problem. I just placed the stencil over the man images and redabbed them with the stamp pad ink. Way cool beanies!!! I am so loving it!! I have not been groovin' on something for awhile. The strangest things make me happy. This and the new dark chocolate with coffee/espresso bits. YUM to both!

Comments welcome.


Shari said...

You are so funny girlie!!! I love your excitement and enthusiam! The litlle bald guys are very fun---you did fantastic stuff with them in such a short period of time. It's all great! Sounds like you are feeling a little bit better---hope so.
-hugs, shari xoxo

tablefor4 said...

Oh. My. Gosh. Are those way cool or what???!!!!! I LOVE THEM. I waannntttt sommeeeee. I'll be ordering some soon since your selling some. Oh yeah, do you take Paypal?

Sandy said...

I love these stencils!! They are a must-have item. I would like to see what others they offer.

Also, I liked the faces in the background. Is that paper? Stamps?

Thanks for posting. Love it!

Rita said...

THESE ARE AWESOME!! Both your artwork and the stencils!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Those are wonderful stencils Belinda, love what you did with them in such a short time. I can see all sorts of possiblities. I really like the orange one with all the faces behind the Man. Too Cool. Jan Myers

Chris in OlyWA said...

Belinda - those *are* truly cool! Your enthusiasm is contagious, LOL. Thanks very much for sharing and posting whatcha did! You GO girl!

Chris in OlyWA

Janet said...

I'm in the midst of having new carpet put down but had to take a moment to comment on the "man" stencils. LOVE them! And you always give such great ideas for using things, as well as showing how you did something. Thank you so much for being so giving. It sure helps beginners, like myself.