Sunday, March 18, 2007

This is so beautiful! Instructions

Sandy Mayfield gave me the idea. It is from her technique ATC cards, so I didn't want to post to the group and ruin it for her. After I posted the pix, a ton and a half of people have asked for the instructions. Sandy has given me the okay to post the technique since I got it from her. Anyway, you will have to be part of the technique ATC swap in the Art Techniques group to get one of her ATCs. I already have them in my grubby, painted hands!

All I did was buy some white paintable wall paper. You can find it in a roll. I got a roll for like $6 at Menards. I saw it at Walmart, too. You decide what design you like.

I used a damp sponge for it. I put a large piece of wallpaper on a plastic tarp. I put some burnt umber and black paint in a little container and added a little water to make a wash. I did not mix well so there would be more black in some spots and some brown in others. I used the sponge and dabbed the wallpaper all over to get it in the crevices and everywhere. You can kinda smoosh the sponge into the wallpaper for this. Let dry completely.

I then took some metallic copper acrylic paint and made a wash out of that. I just thinned it enough to flow. I took a damp sponge and wiped across the copper wash just to get a thin covering of copper paint on it. This time, I wiped the sponge across the top of the texture. This will work well as long as you wipe across instead of dabbing up and down. Let dry completely. You don't want to get it into the crevices, you want to just get the tops of the texture.

Repeat what you did with the copper paint with iridescent gold paint. Let dry. That's it. Remember to just wipe lightly across the wallpaper so you get the gold across the tops of the texture and not into the crevices.

Comments welcome. Pppssssttt! Sandy has her technique ATCs up on her blog! Don't forget to post a comment to her. See how differently we interpret a technique. We sure don't have the same color palettes.

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