Sunday, March 18, 2007

Technique for what I do with rosin paper

HI. They are just background pieces. I got the idea from a friend, Judy Colpack, who got it out of Mixed Media Explorations (book). I have not finished it yet. I usually sew around the edges and randomly throughout. You can easily do it.

Tear long strips of paper - homemade, printed, whatever. Choose some with text. I use old dictionary pages. Just tear them up in long strips in different sizes. Put down a piece of rosin paper on a plastic tarp. Take an old plastic container and make a glue wash. I usually use 3/4 sobo glue and 1/4 water. You don't want it too watery or it will not stick together. In the glue wash, put in some iridescent gold acrylic paint. Mix in. Use a big, flat, cheap brush like they do for painting walls. Give a coating to the rosin paper. Do it in sections. Put glue wash on top and on the bottom of the strips of paper. You can have sections of rosin paper showing. What I do is put fatter strips on the bottom and start layering and overlapping from there. Just keep doing it until you run out of paper or glue. Put a layer of wash on top and let dry completely. I also do it in different colors. You might want to use a light color so that the printed paper and text shows through the paint.


Patty M said...

Thank You for the techniques in the rosin paper and backgrounds Belinda. The Rosin paper is on my list for the home improvement store.

Anonymous said...

Belinda: Yet another wonderful technique you have shared! I have my paper strips all torn and ready to go for today. I am using a large sheet of Canson MeTeintes paper instead of the rosin. I'm sure it will turn out great!
Lyn A.