Friday, April 13, 2007

ATCs for Quilt Show

Yes, I did some of my almost world famous matchbook pieces. Turned them into ATCs this time. Thought it would be fun. The only problem is that I did not have any matchbooks. I had used them all showing other people how to do them and never bought more. I went to the local CVS to get some and they were out! I went next door to the 7Eleven and they did not have them either! They only had the matches in the little boxes for sale. The girl behind the counter was nice enough to give me a handful of matchebooks that they give out when they sell cigarettes.
These are the ATCs that I did today and will bring with me to the Quilt Show later on today. This is all that I could do since I was just busy driving my kids to and from school, going to a parent/teacher conference, doing tons of laundry, and then making homemade chicken soup for dinner (much to my son's delight). You can click on the picts for a larger view. The stamps are from Michael DeMeng and Stampers Anonymous. Don't know who the lizard stamp is from. Yep, fired up the sewing machine for my ATC extravaganza.
I will report on the Quilt Show later on today after I have spent a fun filled day roaming around. I have to be soccer mom Saturday and Sunday for one of my son's soccer tournaments. It just rained, sleeted, snowed, and hailed. I cannot believe that they are still having the tournament OUTDOORS!!! Good time to start knitting and learn how to make some fun scarves. Gotta start doing them now so I have enough to give as presents for the holidays. Seems like lots of people are groovin on scarves nowadays.

The last ATC is my ode to Zetti-ism. I could not resist putting a hat on him for old time's sake. Some things die hard. The background is needle felting. I am starting to cut up my

large felted piece and using it for various things.

I don't do ATCs that much anymore. I only do them when there is a need for them - like trading at the Quilt Show, showing up on an online ATC magazine, call for publication, or for an exhibit. Okay, I did do them when we did the Bernie Berlin background techniques. That was only so that members could see what the backgrounds looked like - if they did not have the book. I guess that ATCs are something that I keep coming back to even though I prefer postcard size more.


Anne said...

Your ATC are fabulous !!!!!!! What an amazing work !

Gypsy Purple said...

Oh wow...this is great!!!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Love these! You used matchbooks? Did you leave the matches in the books or just use the covers?