Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Somebody stop me now!

I got a really cool scarf this past winter that was obviously done by someone with artistic talent. I was in the bookstore yesterday looking at art books and came across knitting books. I have recently started doing needle felting. I saw some knitting books specifically for scarves, which is the only thing I want to do. I have not felt the desire to knit my own hat yet. I know someone who does felted purses and sells them. I don't want to try that but I want to get one from her. Way cool. I do want to make my own scarf. It would be the perfect thing to do while sitting with my kids while they watch mindless cartoons. They are at the age where they still like me to sit with them. I do not need one more thing to do. I do so want to try it though. It doesn't look hard, but I am not sure if I am groovin on the following the pattern thing. I guess I would need to learn how to do the basic stitches.

I took up crocheting while on bedrest during my second pregnancy. Several scarves came out of that but I did not like it enough to keep doing it. I guess that I am worried that my potential knitting could get in the way of art. Am I worrying for nothing?

On an entirely different topic, I am on spring break this week. I met up with Harriet and one of her art friends for breakfast. It was really fun and nice to eat with adults only. It was a long and relaxing breakfast. It is nice to see what other people's perspectives are.

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