Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I got published in a book!!!!

Wheeeeee! Okay, I am actually excited. I have been published in zines and magazines before. A book is something else. Funny, my ATCs made it into the book but my altered books did not. I was informed that my ABs were too advanced for the book. Stop the next time you are at the bookstore and look for The Complete Idiot's Guide to Altered Art Illustrated. My ATCs are on page 10 and 169. I have a small profile under contributing artists on page 206. There are a lot of good ideas for AB'ers.

It is actually very funny. I keep answering calls for art and send in remainder ATCs. These actually got into a book. The other call was for an ATC exhibit in Ohio. One of my ATCs won most original. It was a matchbook ATC. Life is odd but way cool. Loving it!


Aileen (Pronounced A-Leen) said...

Congratulations Belinda!!

Laura said...

Congratulations Girl. So glad to hear, you sure work your little bum off and its nice to see the pluses of that.

Keep up the good work~

Mary Jo said...

YEAH!!! I am so happy for you!!!

Allyson Bright Meyer said...

Hey Belinda! Sorry again about the AB pages - I got 1000s of submissions, and we were going for basic in most areas. But don't assume no one would want to buy it - you'd be surprised, I think there is something in there for everyone to appreciate - even more advanced artists have been enjoying it so far. :)