Saturday, April 21, 2007

Today's experiments

I have a little time, dh and kids are out for awhile. I just tried silk fusion. It is hanging in one of my bathrooms to dry right now. An Art Techniques member asked me if I had tried it when I got some felting stuff from her. I had not. Well, knowing me, you know that I had to try it. I was referred to for the silk roving and the textile medium. The netting that you can use can be tulle (sp?) or stuff they use for screen window.s I used the tulle. I will post everything I did on my blog tomorrow once it is dry and I can take a pict of it. I am going to iron it with some Angelina fibers onto it tomorrow. Here is the tutorial for silk fusion. I deviated a little from it. I put string in the middle of the two layers.

Now to try out something else with handmade papers, mulberry paper, and string before the family comes home!


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