Sunday, April 22, 2007

Stuffed Envie for Art Unraveled Swap

I am in Kelly Kilmer's swap for Art Unraveled. We are supposed to "art up" a 9x12 envelope and stuff it with papers and stuff that we would want to get - our little treasures that we would want to keep for ourselves. First pict is the front of the envelope. Second pict is backside. Third pict is envies all filled up.

Well, I really stuffed these babies. I put in mostly technique backgrounds that I have done. I put in some printed paper that I use all the time. Of course, some punchinella went in. A couple of wrapped fibers. A sample of my needle felting. That was about all I could put in without bursting the envelope. Yes, I know how to stuff and stuff and stuff. I hope that I get back equally fun stuff. The background papers are from what I am bringing to swap at Art Unraveled. Can't wait. Got my workshops paid for, airfare is done. I am sharing a hotel room with my local art friends, Just need to get there!
BTW, I will be there until Thursday. I have to get home to go to mentoring training for school on Friday. I have a night class only on Tuesday. I will be able to play with Art Techniques members and anyone else who wants to join in on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Email me privately and we can arrange to get together. Just let me know what you want to do. - inchies, postcards, backgrounds, needle felting, silk fusion, small chipboard collages. We should plan in advance so we can bring the right stuff with us.

Comments welcome.

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Kelly Kilmer said...

Very cool!! Thanks for playing :)