Sunday, April 22, 2007

Angelina Fibers, chipboard, and finished piece

I tried the Angelina fibers and sheets on the silk fusion. It only bonds to itself, so I used a little stitch witchery and gold UTEE with it. I cut apart one of the squares and did this little piece called "Pouty Boy". I used the 1/5" chipboard squares that I got from the Quilting Arts booth. I also got the Angelina fibers and sheet from them. I checked a couple of other booths and they were very cost competitive. I think the collage image is from Bernie Berlin. I used a white paint marker to do the dots on his glasses. Edged it with gold paint pen. Word pout came from an old dictionary. You can also find the Angelina fibers on the site. I am not sure about the chipboard pieces.

I really do like the chipboard pieces. Makes a nice backing. They would also work great with cabinet cards. You could make a copy of the cab card face area. Art that up and attach to the chipboard piece. Then place it on the arted-up cab card. Gives it a great look. Kinda Zetti. I will post that as soon as I do it myself!

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Eclectic Works said...

Your finished piece is fabulous as always! I really like the idea of adding angelina fiber to the silk fusion process. I will have to try that with the silk paper, thanks.