Sunday, April 22, 2007

Silk fusion

The top pict is of it drying in my shower. You might want to put a towel underneath because the color does come off a little and you don't want to stain your tub. I used a couple of my kids' pants hanger to hang it on the shower curtain rod. After it dried overnight, I took the tulle off and hung it for awhile longer to make sure all the moisture was out of it. I then ironed it with a warm iron and release paper. My iron is dirty from doing distress inks and tags with it. The bottom two picts are just closer picts so you could see some detail. The only thing I might do differently next time is to do some patterns or shapes on the second layer. This was incredibly easy to do. I will do it again as soon as I get more silk roving.
Click on the picts for a larger view. Comments welcome.

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Elizabeth said...

Your silk fusion is wonderful, Belinda!! I got interested in this awhile ago, bought all of the stuff from Joggles and haven't gotten around to it yet. Once again, my friend, YOU have provided the inspiration!! i am off to Art ANd SOUL in VA next week, I am shooting for Art Unraveled for next year!!
Elizabeth W.