Monday, June 11, 2007

Adventures in Quilting - Week 1

Well, I have started my online quilting class from called Starting from Scratch. They had a very comprehensive supply list with a good explanation. What I liked about it was that there were color examples so that I could visualize how my fabrics would look on the quilt. We are doing a star pattern.

I got a lot of the stuff from since they had a sale and free shipping. Thanks to my many quilting friends who offered supply suggestions on what to and what not to get. That really helped me a lot. The first class was all about what to get and the instructor had suggestions. That was also very useful. I went to Joann's and got the remaining stuff and the fabric. I could not find a couple of things - I have to go to a drugstore for them. I have most of my stuff now.

Fabric - Joann's has a department dedicated to quilting fabrics. I was horrified at the selection by color. I was thinking that I would never use this in an art quilt. Then I had to keep telling myself that I was not making an art quilt. Being a teacher, I believe that it is very important to have a proper foundation for something before deviating/changing something when going from the ground up. Did I mention that is the reason why I am taking a quilt class in the first place? I did not think that I would be in this place a few years ago. I then came across the batiks and breathed a sigh of relief. I put back the nasty ones I had selected and went entirely with batiks. I think that the color values, colors, and tones will work nicely together. I am in the process of doing a sample to make sure that will happen. Sorry, I kinda deviated from the topic in this paragraph. Mind working on too much corn on the cob.

I have to tell you. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to make the 1" squares. It was easy to make triangles from that. I have the 8" square ruler, my new rotary tool, and mat to do the job. I have always use a paper cutter for cutting things. Never really needed to be really precise except for ATCs and some of my postcards. I would use a matboard template for inchies! Yes, it took me a few minutes to figure out how to use the clear square ruler to do the measuring for me. The rotary tool was very easy to use and I got some really good 1" squares from them. The preciseness thing kinda scares me because I usually eyeball most everything I do. The only time I have to be so precise is when I am teaching geometry to my 6th graders. It does take awhile to cut and measure out the squares though since it is my first time. I am taking a break now and will resume a little later. I will post to my blog what my sample looks like.

So far, I am liking this quilting class. I would like it if they would have some type of system where it would notify my email when a new message was listed in the forum for the class. Will keep all of you updated on my progress. I am hoping that my kids will not ask me to make a quilt for them - like I had to knit all of them hats and scarves. My daughter still walks around the house playing dress-up with MY scarf and hat.

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