Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Another altered board book spread

Sorry, to the people who subscribe to my blog. I was playing with a slide show feature. It does not show up on Feedblitz. If you click on the title though, it will bring you to my blog where you can see it.

Here is the spread. You can find all the detail on the slideshow below.
Pict 1 is just a background composed of glued receipts. Just a side note about receipt paper, you cannot heat set it because it will turn black. It is something about the paper that is used. It will crinkle a little. Try to glue from the underside and don't get a lot of glue on top of the receipt or it will smear. Glue stick here is better than gel medium. After the receipts were down, it took some scraps and made the frame/border. I added in some other scraps for texture.
Well, pict one does not look like it goes together. It looked like I glued a bunch of scraps together. Pict 2 shows you how it looks after I put on a fluid acrylic glue wash. It can be any color you want. Lighter colors are better so you can see through it and see the receipt paper. The print did smear a little but you could make most of it out. I did a very light coat without glopping on a lot of fluid acrylic in one spot. After that dried, I took a brown distress ink pad and DIB (direct to paper) used the pad on the textured spots. I randomly added a smear of color here and there and then blended with my finger.
Last pict is where I added the focal images. I sanded the images a little - the same as the other spreads. If you are doing an altered book, the repetition of something is good because it gives the person viewing it something to expect/look forward to. They will notice if you use the same stamp or word or color or whatever in every spread. Gives it some unity. It is not a rule. It is just something you might keep in mind to keep the viewer interested in your AB.
I am still not too sure about the little metal strips. I doodled around it because I felt like it. I kept it in because there was too much negative space in the upper half of the spread.
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