Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Triptychs Swap prototype

Yes, I used this for a slide show, too. I am in the process of doing the other 3 for the swap now. It is for the In The House Yahoo group. I thought is was interesting because I like the different panel thing. I am also in a fabric book swap with flowers as the theme. I wanted to see if the lutradur would work well as flower petals. I think it looks pretty good. I am finding it harder and harder to do ATC sized work. I think it is because I cannot get the kind of composition I like in my art on such a small palette. I will stick to post card size or bigger.
Top pict is the front. 2nd pict is the backside, and the rest are the individual panels.
Comments welcome.


Die Hohe Dame said...

thats very cool! i like it! looks like a fun swap.

Sandy said...

This is beautiful, Belinda. I really like the textures.