Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Another Dremel sample

This is approx. 1.5x2". The backing is a piece of wood. I bought some wood shapes at a local craft store - Michael's, Hobby Lobby, or something like that. I used some acrylic paint and painted the background. Let dry. I found an image that I liked. I thought black and white would look better here than a color pict. I would have used a little sand paper on a color pict to make it look older and more forgotten. I wanted the edges to blend in with the background more. I took a baby wipe and wiped the edges until some of the color and the edges themselves came off. I wiped until it fit the piece of wood and looked the way I wanted it to. After I glued it on, I used my finger and dabbed some of the background paint around the edges of the pict so the pict would blend in more. Oh yeah, make sure you put the piece of yardstick over the image to make sure you don't cover up any important part of the image when you screw the piece of yardstick to the piece of wood.

Used my Dremel and cut a piece of folding yardstick the same width of the piece of wood. You can get folding yardsticks at any hardware store. I once bought a bunch of old folding yardsticks on eBay. If your piece of yardstick looks to old, just use the sanding accessory on your Dremel to take off the face of your yardstick a little bit. You could also use a burning tool to make it look older and more distressed.

I used my Dremel and drilled holes through the yardstick piece and wood. If you are not too good at it yet, I might suggest you clamp the two pieces together before drilling any holes. You can also put a little glue or double sided tape to hold the yardstick piece to the wood. If it is not completely dry, then you could still get some shifting. There will be a slight shift from the vibration of the drill bit going through the wood. I tell people to drill one hole, loosely put in your screw, and then make the other hole. If your holes don't match up, then just do it again right before putting the screws or whatever into that hole. I ended up using different sized screws than the one I originally thought I would. The piece of yardstick split from the screw being too large for the hole. That can and will happen with wood. Make sure your holes are the same diamter as your nail, screw, whatever. It ended up being a happy accident. I liked how it looked.

I also put in a set of holes at the bottom to attach something. Was not sure what I was going to attach until I did it. I finally decided on an old pencil. I thought about charms or beads but I think that is done a lot. I used one of my kid's pencil sharpener on the pencil until it was about the width of the wood piece. I used my Dremel and drilled a hole through the metal part of the pencil that holds the eraser. I am sure that there is a technical name for it but I have no idea what it is and don't feel the need to Google it. There are slight dots, indentations going around the eraser that holds the eraser onto the piece of metal. That is a great place to put your drill bit. It is a "dink" built in. I used some 20 gauge oxidized copper wire, did some creative wiring, and attached the pencil stub to little art project. BTW, if you are going to wear this, then you might want to put some type of sealant on the pencil tip so you don't get your clothes dirty. You can just dip it into some liquid glue or use some Diamond Glaze. The Diamond Glaze made it a little shiny but not really noticeable.

This would make a great pendant. Just drill a hole through the top of the piece and attach a jump ring. You could also attach a pin back to it and it would make a great ATP.

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purplepaint said...

Oh this is awesome! You are so prolific, do you ever sleep? Marva