Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Game tile samples

It is very easy to drill holes through game tiles so you can have make some domino jewelry. If you are doing batches of tiles, then take frequent breaks so the motor does not get too hot.

The tiles that are more flat and wide are rummy tiles. They do sell them as games but make sure you get the right ones or you will end up with plastic ones instead of the ones you really want. Same goes for triominoes. My source for game tiles is Christina as skybluepink carries dominoes in all sizes, rummy tiles, trael mah jong tiles (same size as rummy tiles), and triominoes. The triominoes are trickier to drill because they are triangular. It is harder to do the jump ring. You might want to use some thicker gauge wire instead.

The techniques used here are basic in domino art. Upper left one with the Zetti image is just a domino that has been boiled in coffee/tea water for awhile until it changed colors. Don't boil it too long or the domino begins to break down. I used Brilliance pads for the rest of them. I used a gold one and one of those tri-color Brilliance pads. I just pressed the pad into the game tile. I heat set it with my heat gun. Let cool - game tiles retain heat for quite awhile, so be careful. I used a black StazOn pad with various stamps. Sometimes, a portion of a larger stamp works great. Let the StazOn set. I finished by edging them with gold paint pen.

You can drill your hole at the beginning or at the end. It is up to you. I usually do mine at the beginning. I don't want to create something I really like and then mess it up by drilling a bad hole. You can also drill a hole at the bottom and dangle something from it.

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