Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I just wanted people to know that I really do appreciate any and all comments that you make about my posts. It is very much appreciated. Even I need some affirmation now and then.


What inspires me? said...

The paper is wonderful I have used it many times in my collages. You can mix it with gel medium and it takes the color very well. it doesn't like water at all so if you are coloring it make sure it has more medium than water, esome medium. I mix medium with inks and get some very brilliant colors. You can also get an incredible selection of this paper and many more from Pearl Paints. They are the largest art supply supplier in the uS and their prices are very fair. So if there is anything that you can't find in these smaller locations try them. You won't regret it. Have fun its a great paper. Lisette

Anonymous said...

Hi Belinda....I look at your blog often and always get some new information that is helpful and exciting. I would like to comment about postage. Some of the art suppliers are really taking us for a ride and personally, I don't order things I want just because the postage is a killer. Like when you order 2 of the same thing and they charge double postage! Come on now! Let's rebel!!!
I think everyone likes a bargain and if you at least feel like you are getting a deal, it makes you much more apt to buy from them. Some are great, but I'm finding more and more that postage nearly doubles the price....sometimes it's MORE, as you said. Appreciate your blog and your artwork!