Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A great find!

In my quest for a the square mesh lace-like paper in the upper left corner, I found punchinella paper (circle mesh lace paper). I got the square mesh paper at Artful Gatherings - who has since closed her doors. It is a thin, lace-like paper. It is not thick, chunky, or plastic-y like the embroidery grids. I use it sparingly since I don't know if I will ever see it again. The stuff is great. It takes acrylic paints really well. I add it to my collage and ATC backgrounds. I used it in my embossed paper beads.

Think about the possibilities of this punchinella paper. It is not so rigid and plastic-y like punchinella. I still love punchinella - which makes a great template. You could easily add a piiece of the punchinella paper to a background - painted or unpainted. It comes in 3 or 4 colors - gold, copper, white, and sometimes blue. You would be able to paint on it. You could glue it to a collage and it would stay down much easier than the plastic punchinella that I still have so much of. Imagine the possibilities. I am. Leave a comment and tell me what you could do with the punchinella paper.

Oh yeah. I need to tell you a little story about this paper and eBay. I found someone who is pretty local to me who supplies this circle mesh lace paper. I asked if I could save on shipping if I ordered a quantity of it. The current shipping cost was $8.oo per piece/sheet. I got a response that I could get $3.00 off each sheet. That means that I would have to pay $5.00 per sheet of this circle mesh paper (after the cost of $8.00 for S&H for the first sheet) when the actual sheet of paper itself costs about a buck. Yes, about $1 per sheet! Okay, I laughed out loud when I read that.

The place where I got the circle mesh sheets from is called Phoenix Art Supply. I got the order very quickly. I also ordered a couple of different types of paper from them.


Nona Parry said...

It seems to be difficult to come by. I saw it used in black in Somerset Studio and fell in lust. I bought some pinky-peach coloured round-holed paper in LA, thinking I could paint it whatever colour I wanted, and recently discovered a single packet of the black here in New Zealand. I'd LOVE to have a regular source!

kelsey said...

Hi Belinda,

This paper is quite common at a large fabric/craft store here in Australia called Spotlight. I have it in pale blue, black and gold. Not sure of the price but it's quite cheap as it comes in a pack.

Patty M said...

Great find Belinda. The Paper Studio carries your lace grid paper along with other types. I haven't ordered from them so don't know the time limit on shipping or particulars. Just thought you might what to check it out.

purplepaint said...

Belinda - oh too cool! I can think of all kinds of things to do with this! Thanks for the link. Love your beads by the way! Marva