Friday, June 08, 2007

Moo Card Holder

My scanner did not come out so well since I did it on the scanner bed. I got this idea from the Art Unraveled group. We are going to trade Moo cards at Art Unraveled. I am also in a Swap-bot Moo card swap. I was going to make holders out of candy tins but I liked this idea better. Basically, it is just some rebar wire wrapped around a golden jar. I used pliers to make the loops. It is not a perfect circle shape but I figure that nothing in life is perfect. It is very simple actually.

After I made the large loop, I used my trusty crop-a-dile to punch holes and to put eyelets in the corner of the moo cards I already had. I also made two smaller eye loops with another piece of rebar wire, and put that on the larger loop. I then strung yarn and fibers around one eye loop. I used some extra beads, charms, and paper beads I just made on the different fibers. I kinda braided the yarns/fibers together and used a scrap piece of fabric to tie it together near the bottom. I had some dangling end pieces at the bottom so I added some more beads and paper beads near the bottom. It took me less than half an hour to make this. I will have to think of some other ways to hold my moo cards now that I am on a roll.

Why rebar wire? I like the color and it does not bend as much as 20 gauge wire. It is still bendable but not as much so. You can always use a thicker gauge wire to do this. Besides, I like the color of the rebar wire. It is actually called rebar tie wire and it can be found in your local hardware store. I got it at Home Depot in the section where you buy the lumber and stuff for building and remodeling.

Can't decide now if I should do this for the moo card swap. Will need to think about it as I go out and buy some new t-shirts (that do not have copper and gold paint all over it).

Comments welcome.

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Sarah S./GreenEye Designs said...

This might be a stupid question, but what is a "moo card"?

I like the way your holder looks. Very colorful and textural.

Sarah S.