Monday, June 25, 2007


Click on the picts for a larger view. I had to break up the "D" because it was too long. I have some samples for CHA but have not scanned them yet. They are still drying and I have to finish putting jump rings on some of them. I was at Hobby Lobby last week and saw these letters on sale. I thought it would be a great idea to art them up for CHA. This would show retailers that the Dremel is just not for the workshop but can be used as an art accessory as well. I used the Dremel is some capacity on each letter. I figure that most of the retailers would be stamp or scrap stores, maybe even some gallery owners. I wanted them to see some simple things that a Dremel can do.

The "D" was wrapped in scrunched up aluminum foil. I used fluid acrylics and painted over it. I used liquid glue to keep the foil in place. I painted, dabbed with a paper towel, and painted until I got the look I wanted. I drilled some holes in the length of the "D" and put two holes at the bottom. At the bottom, I attached two eye hooks and put on my found objects. The found object says, "Dremel 4 artists". The length of the "D", I put in screws and washers.

The "R" was an experiment. I took an engraving attachment (I think) and just started carving into the letter. I also used the end of it to make the little dots. I painted it with some Stewart gill paints and let dry. I filled the crevices and dots with copper metallic paint. Let dry. I took some small nails and hammered them into various areas to give it some depth.

The first "E" was an exercise in sanding. I sanded just parts of it with my Dremel. I put on think washes of fluid acrylics. I drilled some holes in the length of the "E" and did not know what I wanted to do. I decided to thread wire through it. It looked too plain to I added part of a found object necklace I had made awhile ago. It did not scan well but looks pretty cool in real life.

The "M" was just a drill-bit-fest. I took the Dremel with my drill bit and drilled holes all over it. I used some bright Stewart Gill paints and painted the whole surface. I took some scrap strips of fabric and started threading them through the holes. Some have washers on them and some do not. I knotted the ends. The bottom holes have embellishments on there that had holes drilled in them. This one took the longest but I am the happiest with this letter. Please do not tell me it looks scrapbook-y. Do not insult me that way.

BTW, I just got some sample Stewart Gill paints, that is why I used it. The colors are way brilliant. You can get them at the Artist Cellar. I recommend getting the book. It tells you how you can use the paints and gives you some fun techniques. I really like the metallic paints.

I hope this gives everyone in the Dremel for Artists group some good ideas. The 2nd "E" and the letter "L" are in the next post. Comments welcome.


e. beck said...

i've just been surfing the blog world and ran across you....very fun and interesting.......i need to go unearth my dremel from the basement scariness.......

Sarah S./GreenEye Designs said...

Everything looks great (not as good as in person, but still great). I am so impressed with all the ways you have used the Dremel to creatively alter the letters. Very inspiring!