Monday, June 25, 2007


Click on the picts for a larger view. The "E" was done with a layer of Lutradur. I painted it with some acrylics and Lumiere paints. I immediately sprinkled some embossing powder in different colors all over the letter. I used a heat gun on it to melt the embossing powder. I have one of those big embossing pads. I just kept putting on embossing powder until I liked how it looked. The Lutrador gives it great texture. The edges and non-painted areas melted away. I bet you could use the Lutrador for the tortured felt technique. I drilled some holes through the sides of the letter where I knew the drill bit would go through. I threaded scrap strips of fabric through the holes. I added some beads to the ends and knotted it. The beads running along the length of the "E" are some of the paper beads that I made after I saw Kelli P. do it.

The "L" was an experiment. I used the top end of the sanding wheel and put circle pits into the wood. I then painted the "L" with silver Stewart Gill paint. Let dry. I took some Adirondack paint and filled in the pits/circles. I dropped in some beads. I used a white Sharpie paint pen and wrote dremel all over the "L".

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