Saturday, June 02, 2007

One of my favorite altered books

This is one of the few altered books that I kept instead of selling. Whenever I get a new stamp that I really like, I put it into this book. If I need more pages, then I just take off the black tape, spray the pages with more Adirondack color wash, and then add the stamp. I prefer the smaller books where the things I put in are more personal to me.
The first pict is my front and back cover. I did it with molding paste, punchinella, embellishments and some mica sheets. All I did for the pages inside it take out some of the pages about 1/4 to 1/2" from the spine. I then took some black masking tape and taped some pages together. I used the Adirondack color wash and just sprayed the pages. I used a paper towel on some pages to distribute the spray more evenly. On some pages I did not bother. The nice thing about the spray wash is that the pages do not stick together when I am spraying, wiping, and going on the next spread. When that was dried, I used black Stazon or other permanent ink pad and went stamp crazy with my favorite stamps.
Remember, the altered book is for you not for other people. If they like it, then that is a bonus. Put into AB's what you want, what you feel, and what you see. Let it convey your message - not a message that you think people want to hear. Frances can order anything Ranger (Adirondack) that you want. She is very reasonable and fast with shipping. Link to the Color Wash page. I love this stuff. If you have seen Tim's first DVD, it had something in there about fabric batik. I did not do that one but there is a lot that you can do with this. I love to tie-dye my paper towels with this, do the reverse embossing thing, and to use it in the acrylic varnish and mica powder technique. My fave colors are lettuce, butterscotch, cranberry, bottle, and stream. That reminds me, I will have to order some more from Frances.

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