Friday, June 01, 2007

Altered books

I will do a series of posts on altered books. If this is something that does not interest you, then please skip over it. If you subscribe, please do not unsubscribe because of this. I will also be posting other techniques and projects that I will be doing. Just delete the altered books emails if you don't do that.

Some good sites for altered books are This is the society for altered books. is the huge-o Yahoo group for altered books. I am no longer a member. It is a great place to glean information and get resources. They also have some great swaps and round robins. Smaller AB (altered book) Yahoo group with very friendly people. They have a lot of good swaps and RRs here as well. This is a very friendly Yahoo group with a smaller membership. My friend, Elizabeth, runs it. They have some great tip-in swaps and AB swaps/RRs. Has great stuff that you can put in your ABs and they have the pre-cut books in different shapes. Beth Cote's site. She has some great stuff for AB'ers starting out. Corinne is also a gifted AB artist. My favorite book shrine type artist. You will love him if you like found objects, odd things, Day of the Dead, that type of stuff.

This is not a complete or even comprehensive list of altered books resource. This is just something to get you started.

I will start posting some altered books stuff this weekend.

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