Monday, July 02, 2007

Book Review: Glorious Papers

Book by Ruth Issett. This is a large hardcover book that I got from I needed to hit $25 to get free shipping. I hate to get just anything. I want something that I feel is worth my time and money. It is 112 pages long, including the index. I have to tell you that the picts are gorgeous! You can see all the textures and the colors are very rich.

It first goes into the types of paper that are pictured at the beginning. It goes on to tell you about coloring media. I like the health and safety advice that a lot of us don't know about or maybe even ignore. It goes into techniques. It then gets into some basic printing methods. I will have to go back and read the techniques more thoroughly. I keep looking at the wonderful pictures. It has a section on texture gels. It explains it and gives some techniques.

Most interesting, there is a section on metallic papers. It looks like the acrylic varnish and mica powder technique is in there. Hey, did she take that from the Art Techniques Monthly Art Technique? Just kidding. It ends with design tips. I was not too groovin' on that section.

Overall, I like the book just for the pictures alone. They are fab and some take up an entire page. Techniques are pretty basic. There are a few in there that I might try. This might not be a book for an advanced technique junkie like myself. It would be better suited for someone who is a budding technique junkie or someone starting out in paper arts.

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