Monday, July 02, 2007

metal & nature

Have you ever been really happy with a piece? I am always good with what I create. I am feel differently towards different pieces. This is one piece that really speaks to me. I don't know if it is the simplicity of it or the colors or the materials or the Dremel work or just because. I just know that I "feel" this piece.
The colors are luscious in real life. The gold and red tones do not come out on the pict like it does in real life. I painted the branches until they were just the right color. Thanks to Michael deMeng, I have no problems layering on colors until I find what is right for the piece. The outside is not turquoise like in the scan. It is actually a glowing, eerie-like green.
I would love to hear about your "one piece" that really spoke to you. That you go back to and look at it time and time again. You can link to it in the comment section, if you would like.
This is why I do art.


Die Hohe Dame said...

oh i really like this! i put my favorite up again ... you can check it out here

Marrianna said...

I really like the box! I am inspired to photograph one of my favorite pieces and put it on my blog.