Sunday, July 15, 2007

New Yahoo group - Acrylic Artists Here is the group so that we can learn more about acrylics together. By the time we start, we should be about done with the collage composition exercises in the Collage Composition group. This will be an informal group where we will talk and ask questions about acrylic media. We will also try some of the techniques in the book. Even though some of the techniques are basic, some of them are new to me. Maybe we can add a mixed media twist to them. I know that a lot of artists in Art Techniques have not used a lot of heavy body or fluid acrylics yet. You do need to have the book to participate but do not need to have Golden to do this. Brands like Liquitex and the Dick Blick brand are fine for the exercises.

This group is not limited to the discussion and exploration of techniques in the acrylic Revolution book. We will also be discussing, asking questions, and sharing what we already know about acrylic media.

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