Monday, July 30, 2007

Some basic wire spirals

I had made some wire hooks for my name badge for AU. So, I figured I would make a few spirals while I had the stuff out for my charm bracelets.
I used some 18 gauge oxidized silver wire. I used the stuff from Volcano Arts. I just dipped it into the solution and it came out looking like this. Love it. No new silver look. Just take a length of wire - about 3-4 inches -depending on how large you want your spiral. Use a pair of round nosed pliers and get your spiral started. Use your pliers as a guide to keep your spiral from twisting. This is something I actually have to show you in person or do it in several pictures. Once you have the spiral the way you want it, then use a hammer and bench block to flatten the spirals. Hammer both sides of your spiral. If you want, use the end of the spiral to make a loop. That is a whole other explanation.
Just wanted to share. I am hoping that this will be part of a project that I will be teaching at AU next year. I figure that there will be a lot of intermediate and advanced classes there. I will be submitting proposals for mostly beginner classes. There are a couple that could be considered intermediate. Wish me luck.

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