Monday, July 30, 2007

More soldering fun

I did go to Walmart today and picked up a 3 pack of the copper mesh scourers by Quickie. I used that and a damp sponge to clean my tip. Better luck today with my jump ring. BTW, never hold anything metal with your fingers when you are attempting to solder it to something else. It gets hot! Good thing I am used to heat from working with metal. It still was hot and I had to use a pair of pliers. Don't do stupid things like I do sometimes!
I absolutely love this card. I got a few of them as a RAK from someone. I wish I had some more. I love the carefree attitude of the woman in this card. She is so happy. She is happy in her own skin. She does not care that she is not stick thin. BTW, I am on the thinner side. I do think women look better with curves. I used the 2 larger glass pieces that came with the soldering kit from Simply Swank. I do have to tell you that it was so much easier for me to solder using the chisel tip.
Being the teacher I am, I took out the soldering tool that I already had from the hardware store. I had to compare to two to see if there was really a difference. I did have a harder time using that soldering tool. I put a new tip on there and I still had trouble. I fluxed and wiped and still had trouble. I was able to solder two resister together and to a computer board without a problem though. That is how I first learned how to solder - I used to be an industrial buyer. I think I learned how to do it on strobe lights. So, for me, using the Simply Swank soldering tool was easier than the one I originally had. I was going to invest in a Weller brand for more money, now I don't have to. Happy when I save some money so I can buy more paint.
I am groovin' on the soldering now. I did the above one rather quickly. It took me longer to wind the wire and to flatten it than it did to do the actual tinning. I remembered to flux, flux, flux, and it went really smoothly. No burning off the copper tape this time.
So, what do YOU think? Inquisitive mind wants to know. Feel welcome to comment. Y'all know I don't say I like something unless I really do.


Belinda Manning said...

Hello Belinda, i really have been just enjoying your blog for awhile. I decided to introduce myself and take advantage of some of the wonderful yahoo groups that you have set up. Thanks from another Belinda

Beth said...

That looks great Belinda! I read your part about holding the jump ring with pliers and wanted to tell you about a great device that I use when I solder. Go to this Radio Shack site
There is a tool called "Kronus helping hands" I have it and it has made my soldering alot easier. I don't use the magnifying glass, its easy to remove it. The hands help so much with soldering the jump rings or extras that you might add to the soldered piece.
I Love to solder and have several pieces ready to work on. I love reading your posts about your adventures in soldering.

Susan said...

Yes, this gal is a cutie! Your soldering is very well done, too. It's amazing how the proper tools makes everything easier!
Susan T

Mary S Hunt said...

get a sal block to clean the solder tip
found anywhere they sell stained glass supplies