Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sources for Charm materials

Red scrabble tiles:
I have ordered from her before. Scrabble tiles are easy to drill through. You can put holes at the top and at the bottom. There is a blank side if you want to do a little art. Some people even line the edges with a little foil tape. Lots of great things you can do with this.

regular scrabble tiles: on this page you will find mini dominoes ( and regular dominoes as well). The small size is good for a pendant or for making a bracelet. On that page there are also the wooden Bingo pieces. I have seen pieces where people have drilled through that vertically. You might want to use a vice for that. Travel mahjong tiles are what I use when I make domino art necklaces. They are a very nice size and flatter. They hang well from a chain.

Here are some ready-made charms - if you want to hang something from your mini dominoes or scrabble tiles:

Ball chain for necklaces and bottle caps:

metal chain for bracelets: In case the link does not work, go to and put in metal chain in the search. My personal favorites are the
77" DARK SILVERTONE METAL CHAIN. It wears really well as a bracelet and you can't beat the price. It comes in one continuous length. You just need to use a pair of pliers to separate one of the links so you can separate a piece you want. The links are NOT soldered together. You can also get clasps here. Just put clasps in their search. They have a lot of beads and fun charm stuff here. Just a note: go through and buy everything you want at once. Oriental trading is not cheap when it comes to S&H. What you can do it google oriental trading coupons and you can often get a sale code or S&D code for free shipping over a certain dollar amount like $60.00.

Copper scrap for metal charms: They will often have copper scrap by the pound listed. If you don't see it, then just email her and she will work with you. She is very nice and I love what I get from her. It is a nice selection of varied gauges.

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