Sunday, July 15, 2007

Working on my altered book

I am making some progress on it. It has to be done by this Thursday in time for CHA. I want to be able to display it at the Dremel booth. I used masking tape to tape some pages together. You can also tape a few pages together so that your spreads will be stronger. I like to use different tapes because I can cut it off if I want to add more to my AB. I also made a pocket that you will see later.

I had posted awhile back about how I found some Nick Bantock books on clearance for $2.99 each. Harriet told me that. I bought those specifically for cutting up and altering. I have them already but paid more them and will continue to keep them intact. The great thing about these books is that the art is positioned the same on both sides of the page. That makes for great tags! I took out a 4 different sized tags and used them as templates to cut out tags from the pictures. You can do the same thing with magazine pages, book text, printed papers, and technique backgrounds you have made. You can get tags at most craft stores. I find it more economical to get mine at office supply stores in bulk. I keep some and I use the rest in school. They make great bookmarks and the kids can embellish with fiber and beads.

I have decided that my theme and title for this altered book will be "Travels". I have a lot of travel themed stuff from skybluepink that would be perfect for this AB.

The pict above is of some scraps I had left over from cutting up different things. I just glued it all to a tag and made a serendipity tag. I could put on a focal image. Nah. I am just going to leave it the way it is. So, this is one more thing you can do with your scraps that are laying around in a box or a bin.

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