Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A.R.T. zine review - zinester heaven!

I am one of those zinesters that is okay with making her own zine but loves to read them more than making them. I just got the A.R.T. zine in my mail today. Made my hot, clammy, had-to-go-to-school-to-set-up-my-room day a little brighter. The zine is put out by the Artists of the Round Table Yahoo group: They are a very fun and very friendly group.

What I really like about this zine is that the picts are big and they are in color, there is a variety of topics, and it is in color. Did I mention that it was in color? It also has some very fun inclusions including some contributed by moi! This is the first issue of the zine that I have zine. It is ATC heavy but that is a format easily put into a zine. My inchies banner and a couple of my collages are in the zine in different spots. There are a lot of techniques offered in people's articles. There are inchies in there by Marva (waving to you in the cyberspace netherworld) and some other names that I know. I was groovin' on Carrie Todd's Zetti-like ATCs and cover. I liked how Shirley McCutcheon did her ATCs. Lots of quotes and some very good art and articles from various artists.

I am not sure if the zine is still for sale or not. It was really a lot of fun to go through it after a sweltering day at school.

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purplepaint said...

Belinda - I just got mine yesterday too! Love your artwork, haven't had a chance to read it yet. Thanks for the aknowledgement. Marva