Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Question about Chainz2

The black chains cannot be moved. You can only get rid of them if you have a multi-colored chain that will make it a 3rd or if a bomb takes them out. The snow ones freeze the chains for a short time so you can make as many chain links as possible. If you get a link chain and not a regular one, you can do a chain with one next to it and one under or over it. It does not have to be up and down or across for a link. My strategy is to get as many stars as possible. If there are no stars, then I work from the top going down because you can lose some links if you go bottom up. I tried it bottom up and I score more going from the top down. You will not scramble if there is even one possible link. Try and use the bombs. They will take out some links for you and possibly create better ones. Hope that helps you.

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