Wednesday, August 22, 2007

In pursuit of the perfect purse

I have this thing about purses. I used to love Coach purses. I have had them since college. In the past several years, I have shied away from them because I don't like the fabric or logo ones. I just looked at one the other day and they gotten so expensive! I guess that I will pass on Coach purses from now on. Purses are one thing that I will search high and low for until I find one that speaks to me. The problem is that it will not appeal to me several months from now and I will have to find a new one. I still go back to some of my old purses but not for long. I have an idea of what the perfect purse would be for me but I have not found it yet. It depends on whether I am in big or small purse mode. I will go through a phase where I will carry around a big purse with all sorts of crap in it. Then, I will purge and carry just the necessities in a small one. When will this vicious cycle end?

I have a similar problem with short and long hair. I have had long hair in the past. I still sometimes want to have long hair and will try to grow it out. That won't last long, I always end up cutting it. When I do get it long enough to put it into a ponytail, I hate the feel of hair all over me. Intelligently, I know that I should be happy with my short hair. I still secretly want to have long hair - sometimes. It is a good sign that my secret desire for long hair is waning as I get older.

Done rambling now.


Jan Scholl said...

I have a problem with purses too-I only use fabric ones and its hard to find any without leather, so when I do find one I like, I buy two in different colors. And I hate big purses, so sometimes I check the teen or younger department. I only want room for my credit cards and phone and a pen.I really hate purses but after leaving my small CC size wallet with $200 at the checkout at Target, I got a purse.

I love your hair-its very pretty with your face. I have very long hair but did cut some off for my son's wedding in APril. Many think being over 50, I should not have long hair. Well, I had no hair about 10 years ago and when it fell out when I was sick, I was flabbergasted. ANd when I got better, it came in grey, so now I have to color it. I got a perm and the hair dresser cut me bangs-I like all one lenghth-so I just now am getting to the point where it is all even. I hate my hair in my face, so always have it tied up or back. But I will keep it long for now-as with short hair, I was always mistaken for my younger brother (yuck)

Anonymous said...

I am going through the exact opposite with my hair! I've always had short hair when I was younger, and now in my mid 30's I can't find the courage to cut it! There are so many cute short hair styles out there. You have a very nice face for short hair.