Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Artist of the Week is...

Linda Burke!

The third one is of two skinny book pages I did for the CPS book project. The other two are collage pieces I did for myself. The India piece is because I love India. I have not yet been, but I have a lot of Indian friends and plan to make a trip there in the next few years. And it's my favorite colors as well. The Apollo piece I love because of the music background; I was a music major in another life.

Name: Linda Burke

Nickname: Leenda, Linda Kholai, Lindaey

Email Address:

Website and/or Blog:

What Yahoo groups do you belong to? Mixed_Media_Art_Newbies

What kind of art do you like to do? Vintage collage, stamping (not cute stamps), mixed media

What materials do you work a lot with on a regular basis? watercolors for backgrounds, stamps (Not always as focal image); my glue stick is my favorite tool of all

What type of materials would you not touch if it was even given to you?Glitzy glittery cutesy stuff

Do you like to peel stuff off your fingers or not? I don't think I understand this question...although I frequently end up with lots of stuff on my fingers. Makes for interesting conversations when I go to my booring office job on Mondays.

Do you "collect" something? No, but if I did, it might be vintage Santas.

What else do you do when you are working on something art related? Read. It's my way of taking a break.

Is your art area messy or kinda neat? Pretty messy, just like my art surface.

Who or what has influenced your artwork the most up to this point? I'm not sure exactly. I have been reading so many different blogs, and looking at everything i can get my eyes on. I'm sure I've picked up bits and pieces of all these wonderful artist's style, but I don't have a specific favorite right now.

Are you a self-taught artist? Yes, except for my yahoo group, Mixed_Media_Art_Newbies

Tell me about the day you realized you were a "real" artist? Well, I had made a piece for a friend, and another friend tried to buy it from me, even though I told her I had made it for someone else. That sort of made me think maybe I am an artist afterall.

What colors speak to you? Any autumn colors.

What colors do you absolutely abhor? anything with the word "neon" or "bright" in its name

What do you think is being overdone right now? Obviously, wings and hats, although birds and eggs are running a close second lately.

Do you have a day or 2nd shift job? Full time M-F 9:30-5

What would you rather be doing than the above job? Working on my art, reading, learning new languages, being with people I love.

Do you do "cute"? Not really. I've been known to occasionally do a cute piece on accident, but trust me, it wasn't intentional.

Have you been published in a national art magazine or even want to do that? No, but I want to try for any of the Somerset publications

Do you do something the first time and leave it or do you go back and work it some more until you get it "just right"? I usually stop after the first time. There have been occasions where I've been tempted to trash something, but leave it until later. Almost without fail, when I look at it the next day, I end up loving it. Surprisingly, sometimes these are the pieces that others love the most.

When do you feel most satisfied in your art process? When I have that "ah-ha!" moment when something just clicks and I know that this is a gorgeous piece by anyone's standards.

How do you lose yourself and forget about everything else? Well, I suspect I'm supposed to say in my art, but more frequently in a book. But my art is a very close second.

Tell me about a vice that you have. Hmmm...I think I'll pass on this one. A girl's gotta have SOME secrets.

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Linda said...

Wow! Thanks so much for choosing me as an artist of the week.