Sunday, August 26, 2007

Field Trip to Dick Blick store

Dick Blick is having their back-to-school sale. All their acrylics are on sale even Golden's. They even have acrylic mediums on sale. I wanted to get the Golden Crackle Paste but they did not have it. They did have some gallery (thick canvas) wrapped canvases on sale 9 for $9.98 in different sizes. What a deal. I liked the 4x4" size. They had the Blick brand of acrylics on sale for 60% off. I use some of their colors including iridescent gold. That is an awesome color. They have canvas on sale, drawing pads, and loads of other stuff. Spent money on school supplies, so I was not able to get much.

I did go to Noodles & Co and had a bowl of pad thai. I was eating while busily reading "Heat". I stopped all of the sudden because my food was gone. Have you ever not paid attention to whatever you were eating and realized it was gone before you were full? I thought to myself that I was still hungry even though I had already eaten all of it. That is rare for me because I usually fill up quickly. It was a rather new feeling for me. I guess I need to pay more attention when I eating instead of what I am reading.

Time to go and make dinner for the kiddies. No art today. I have started a copper bracelet which I want to use as a template for a polymer clay bracelet. Have not worked out all the details yet. Not even sure if it will turn out. Will keep all of you updated on my progress.

Will work on my knitting tonight. Knitting a shawl for me with some yarn that someone kindly sent me. Cool beanies.

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Esmeralda said...

Your trip to Dick Blick and then eating pad thai sounds like a fun day! I wish I had a Dick Blick nearby, but NO!!LOL!
Yes, I have done that eaten up all my food, not realizing it, while I was reading! Don't remember what I was reading then, but it must have been a good read at the time.