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Sorry, I'm a bit late. Trying to get ready for school. Anyway, the artist for this week is..............................................................................................................................................


Cory Celaya!!

1. From This to That: A convertible necklace made from junk.

2. The Artist's Muse: A figure that was made to house the necklace.

3. Transformation: This is the painting first done in red, yellow, and orange.

It incubated for about 3 years.

Name: Cory Celaya

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What kind of art do I do: I do and teach drawing and composition basics, life drawing, mixed media collage, oil, watercolor, acrylic, and pastel painting, art for healing, found object assemblages, shrine and alter construction, art journaling, design elements, color theory, fabric wall hangings, all media jewelry design, encaustic basics and encaustic/foil collage.

Materials I work with on a regular basis: When I work for myself, I use whatever materials are within reach. My studio houses an incubation bin with stuff waiting to become art. When I create art, I use watercolors, acrylics, color pencils, ink, papers, etc, always adding and subtracting and always keeping the design elements in mind. If I am doing a commissioned piece, the materials change accordingly.

There are no materials I would not touch at least once.

I am a collector of "stuff"...I never know what I could use in any given piece of art.

I like the quiet when I create art, though sometimes I blast "Salsa" music which I love to dance to.

Most of the time my jewelry work space which is at home, ( I like to work till the wee hours of the morning ) is kinda ( lottsa ) messy. When I paint in my studio located in the gaslight district of Glendale, AZ. I usually take up two six foot tables and an easel to evaluate the work. Of course I have to clean up a bit in order to teach.

There are many who have influenced my art. My mother who could create art from nothing, my father the musician, my grandmother the seamstress, my grade school English teacher who always called me an artist and surprised me with an art award at graduation. My life drawing teacher in collage who gave me two incomplete semesters so I could continue studying life drawing, and Mr. Brommer who taught me how to glue papers to watercolors and create layers of art. I am influenced by every thing I touch, feel, and see.

I was born into a very creative family art is my life , I got formal art training byattending college after two children and a divorce. Besides college, I have been very blessed with workshops from some of the best artists in their field. I acknowledged a few of these persons on the first post entered on my blog.

The day I first realized I was a "real" artist? I have always thought I was an artist, because my parents said I was, and I believed them. ( I think it's important to believe in what you are and do.) But, It was verified or so I thought, the first time I showed my canvas work at an "art in the park" art show. Two Oriental men came by several times and looked at my work, (I had about 20 large canvases.) and, finally they said that they would buy all of them if I could take them off the stretcher bars and roll them up so that they could carry them, soooo, I removed, rolled and collected my money. That was quite a day.

What colors speak to me? All colors and even what I call non colors. They speak to me when it's their time to speak. There was a time when I could not paint in red, yellow and orange hues. So, when I was asked to do a demonstration for the San Diego Watercolor Society several years ago, I chose to use red, yellow, and orange. I think I covered it well, but they had no idea how I struggled for two hours with that painting. The demo was a success, but I was running a 102 degree temperature by the time I finished. I was sick for about 3 hours that night and had to give a 5 day workshop starting the next day. The painting went into incubation for about 3 years until one day I pulled it out and continued to add layers of other colors. That painting won me many show awards and I still have the painting. I crossed the stumbling block, and now love to paint in those colors. I use the painting as an example in my Art for Healing classes.

What do I think is being overdone? You mean besides wings, pointy hats, crowns, and birds??? I've done one or two... my thing is this.Techniques are great to learn, now take those techniques and experiment with them, develop your own style. Copy to learn, inspire to be different.

I do not have a "real" job per say, I teach art, I am a permanent make up artist, (cosmetic tattoos) I am a sometime practicing licensed cosmetologist/esthetician, and I do a once a week volunteer Art for Healing class at a half way house for women.

What would I rather be doing??? Living the life of luxury and dancing Salsa at all the Miami hotspots. ( hey, you asked..)

Do I like "cute"? Only if he is tall dark and forty. LOLI only do "cute" when I teach a raw beginner student how to techniques, It's a good way to learn, but I really don't like cute.

I have been published in Somerset Studio, Belle Armoire, The Decorative Painter, and several periodicals. Many of my pieces are housed in private and cooperative collections, including the Decorative Art Collections museum in Wichita, Kansas.

Sometimes I complete a piece in a few hours, and sometimes It goes into the incubation bin till it's ready for me. Some incubate a few days, some a few years, some incubate more than once, and a few become fodder for collage.

When do I feel most satisfied in my art process? When I have been in what I call "the zone." Believe it or not, but the work created in that zone are usually the pieces that heal. I also do a workshop where we start in almost total darkness. Most of what I consider my "good" paintings were started in the dark.

How do I loose myself and forget about everything else? I love to visit old books stores, rummage through thrift stores, visit my favorite boutiques, and play in my studio with no plan in mind. I also love to play with my great grandson Skyler and my great granddaughter Kayla. She is an artist in progress.

Oh, I have vices, salsa dancing Cuban style, doing art, and watching telenovelas.(Mexican soaps, they have a good story that lasts 3 or 4 months, they throw in a good ending, and then, get you hooked on the next one.)

BTW, these are the questions I asked:



Email Address:

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What Yahoo groups do you belong to?

What kind of art do you like to do?

What materials do you work a lot with on a regular basis?

What type of materials would you not touch if it was even given to you?

Do you like to peel stuff off your fingers or not?

Do you "collect" something?

What else do you do when you are working on something art related?

Is your art area messy or kinda neat?

Who or what has influenced your artwork the most up to this point?

Are you a self-taught artist?

Tell me about the day you realized you were a "real" artist?

What colors speak to you?

What colors do you absolutely abhor?

What do you think is being overdone right now?

Do you have a day or 2nd shift job?

What would you rather be doing than the above job?

Do you do "cute"?

Have you been published in a national art magazine or even want to do that?

Do you do something the first time and leave it or do you go back and work it some more until you get it "just right"?

When do you feel most satisfied in your art process?

How do you lose yourself and forget about everything else?

Tell me about a vice that you have.

Anything you want to ask me or anything else you want to add?
If you want a chance to be featured as the artist of the week on my blog, then email me at crazyartgirl@sbcglobal.net with Artist of the Week in the subject line. I will reply with questions. You answer and include 3 pieces of artwork. Easy, huh? What are you waiting for then?!!


Sandy said...

Great interview. She seems like a fun lady, especially with the salsa dancing.
Sandy M.

Sandy said...

I have purchased two of Cory's creations. One is a necklace made from a wooden domino. I get compliments every time I wear it. The second is a foil painting from the collage class she teaches at Art Unraveled.
Sandy M.

Art With Moxie said...

Thank you for selecting me as Artist of the Week. I love your work and envy your energy.
Cory from Az.