Saturday, August 11, 2007

Copper hinged locket from AU

Click on the pict for a larger view. This is the one I made in the Richard Salley class. It is true that you cannot create art without pain. I was flattening some wire on the bench block when the end of the wire went right into my left middle finger. Had a good bleeder. I kept going. I blotted it with tissue and then got a bandage later on. How one suffers for art.


purplepaint said...

This is awesome! Sounds like you had alot of fun at AU. Good luck and teaching next year, you'd be great at it! Marva

Eclectic Works said...

OUCHIE! MAMA! I know that hurt!
But your piece came out AWESOME!
Way to keep with it!

Deryn Mentock said...

You did a good job. That's not an easy class! Thanks for the beautiful papers you gave me in Tess Sinclair's class.

Sara K. said...

That thing is just gorgeous! Glad you survived the stabbing.

If you come to a Sisthars meeting sometime, can I see it in person, oh please, oh please?